Thursday 26 February 2015

SOLD Living Rooms - Interior Decoration in Wales * £7 €20 $45 Shipping Included

We sometimes forget the power and wealth of Wales that give birth to the Tudor (Welsh for Theodore/Theodoric) dynasty - Henry VII, Henry VIII and the great queen, Elizabeth I. Wales and the Welsh marches in particular had centres of great wealth
so this study of the decoration of important Welsh houses helps shed light on other decorative arts such as embroidery and tapestry.
Living room walls, when not covered in textiles, might have painted oil-cloths or painted panels
and it is fascinating to see the emulation of textiles in that trompe l'oeil paintwork
I always want to call these elaborate plastered ceilings 'embroidered ceilings' - often they remind me of compartmentalized spot motifs - I particularly love the plastered embellishments around the fire-places. If you are interested in the history of ornament then this softback of 86 pages in pristine condition is a great place to start.

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