Monday 23 February 2015

2 French Medieval Tapestry Books * £22 €45 $85

The first of these two books is in French. Lydwine Saulnier-Pernuit's book of Les Trois Couronnements (The Three Coronations) is a hardback book in very good condition of around 100 pages with 24 full page colour illustrations and other smaller colour images also. The three coronations are of Esther by Ahaseurus, Bathsheba by Solomon and the Virgin Mary by the Holy Trinity.
Dated to between 1444 and 1448 this precious and gorgeous tapestry is conserved in Sens Cathedral in France.
The depiction of costume is sumptuous in its detail of brocades and hems studded with precious stones.
The second book is in English and is a softback of 68 pages in excellent condition. 
This is an earlier cycle of tapestries, commissioned by Louis I of Anjou in 1373. This tapestry has its own apocalyptic history. It barely survived the French Revolution  - it was abandoned in a depository of old religious works and was subsequently cut into strips for rubbing down horses or foot wipes.
It was rediscovered again in 1848 when it was in a pitiful state. But now it has been conserved and can be seen in the galleries at the Chateau d'Angers in the Loire Valley in France.
This is a profusely illustrated book with full size images on most pages. A treasure!
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