Thursday 19 February 2015

2 Volume Boxed Set * Red & White * £20 €40 $75

This delightful pair of hard backed books in pristine condition come together like Hansel and Gretel in a board slipcase also in excellent condition.
The books celebrate the red and white quilts stitched between 1885 and 1925 in the USA.
Stamped pattern outlines for the stitching templates came from a variety of sources and it was quick, easy and economical to stitch these up, night by night, on used sheets to later piece together into an attractive bed cover.
The vogue for this red and white stitchery seems to have come from Europe where there was a long tradition of such embellishment on show towels, shelf edgings and pillowcases.
Here are just a few of the completed exemplars - pieced within bold red geometry they make stunning items that transcends the domestic into rare art - pace Germaine Greer :)
The second book - Gretel, if you like, is simply a book of outlined patterns for you to use
to make your own red and white creations.
This is a special resource for individual projects - or really great as a communal project for a stitching group.
If you would like this book and can pay via PayPal simply click on the flying angel below. The price includes shipping to wherever you are.

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