Thursday 12 February 2015

SOLD 2 As New Raffaella Serena Books * £26 €55 $100 Shipping Included (New Zealand and Australia $110)

Both these books 19th century Viennese pattern books are hardback and in pristine condition.
The first book, Animal Embroideries, has 240 pages. There are images of the original hand coloured charts that were used for embellishing all manner of household items from rugs to carpet slippers and bell-pulls.
Some of the designs are large scale and probably were meant to be hung like tapestries, other designs are less of a challenge and were often incorporated on samplers.
There is huge section at the end of the book which provides DMC colour coded patterns for many of the originals.
The same is true also for this second fabulous book of just over 200 pages.
Here you can see samples of some of the charts together with beautiful works that were created using them.
These are astonishingly beautiful books and one delights time and again just looking through their pages.

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