Thursday 12 February 2015

SOLD Palestinian Embroidery * £15 €30 $70 Shipping included (New Zealand and Australia $80)

This as new hardback of 175 pages is your definitive guide to Palestinian embroidery. There is history and cultural background and much more besides.
I think I must have told you before that when I was young I had friends, two sisters, who had a Palestinian nanny and every term she would embroider a new dress for each of them - and they were fabulous - every other girl was just full of envy for these beautiful creations. This book has a lengthy pattern appendix which names all the motifs - and with those motifs there is the strongest link to rich cultural history - which like embroidery patterns the world over may soon disappear - though I so hope not!
There are also photographs of the embroidered gowns - what were these women's histories?

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