Thursday 5 February 2015

SOLD History of Childhood plus History Dolls' Houses * £10 €25 $60 Shipping Included

This is THE book about the history of childhood. It is softback of around 400 pages in good used condition.
Starting with the Middle Ages, when children were thought of, clothed and spoken to as mini adults, Aries documents the gradual formation of the notion of childhood as a distinct phase of life and their subsequent state of having a unique status and society of their own.
To partner this book is a delightful history of dolls' houses of 1954 which is in good condition. The cover though misused in its life is now conserved in a protective cover. With over 300 pages of text and monochrome photographs we get the chance to interlope on the well-decorated houses of history
from England, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Japan and the USA. If you ever had a dolls' house as a child, you will love this book!

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