Wednesday 4 February 2015

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Published in 1971 this pristine guide book documents the textile and embroidered bindings in Oxford University's Bodleian Library.
It is not the first place one would necessarily look for these beautiful artefacts, but the library has many good examples and this book documents around 30 of them. Exquisite!
Temple Newsham belongs to Leeds City Council and is not far at all from Ackworth School if you are planning a pilgrimage there. Formerly the home of the Darcy family, it was gifted to Henry VIII niece, Lady Lennox, when Lord Darcy was beheaded in 1537 for his taking part in the Pilgrimage of Grace - a dignified name for the Northern uprising against the king. And so it was birthplace of Lord Darnley who later, and tragically, would become husband to Mary Queen of Scots.
The house has an extensive textile collection as well as many wonderful portraits like the one thought to be of Arabella Stuart above.
Parham Park in West Sussex was in private ownership until recently when it was taken over by a charitable trust. Do find out when the house is open because it has a wonderful and extensive collection of Stuart panels
and other fabulous embroidered furnishings.
Bath is another place on your must-see list if you haven't already visited there - or booked into the famous Bath Summer Textile School.
Close by is the American Museum in the beautiful setting of Claverton Manor. There you will find many lovely quilts.
Moving north to my home county of Yorkshire, if you are visiting Ackworth, do make a detour to see the Piece Hall in Halifax which was built in 1779 as a market place for the 'pieces' woven in the Calder Valley and beyond.
It is a stunning place - a great square, not unlike St Mark's in Venice, closed on all sides by three stories of sales rooms and galleries built in the beautifully clear Georgian style. As with all other locations, do check on the internet for the latest information on their opening times.
Winchester Cathedral is where Mary Tudor married Philip of Spain on 25 July 1554 and for that occasion tapestries of the Battle of Tunis were sent from Spain to decorate the cathedral. Sadly for us, the tapestries were returned after the ceremony.
Winchester is now renowned for the embroideries wrought by Louisa Pesel with Sybil Blunt and the Cathedral Broderers.
Salisbury Cathedral also has many embroideries to study. Never a dull moment!

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