Thursday 26 February 2015

SOLD 4 Quilt Books * £20 €50 $90 Shipping Included (Heavy)

The first book is in virtually new condition and is from a recent exhibition at the V&A in London. It is hardbacked and has 240 illustrated pages.
This volume explores the individual histories of the quilt makers
and provides valuable insight into their making - it is also a very beautiful book!
The additional three books are also in excellent condition
I was always struck by the similarity between Welsh Quilts and Amish Quilts and this set of 3 books in excellent order reflects that fascination.
Jen Jones has a stunning collection of Welsh Quilts and this beautifully illustrated as-new softback has 64 pages of quilts and history - it is an exceptional book.
Suzy's book has all the patterns and templates for 46 pieced Amish quilt projects
while Pat's and Sue's Book has all the quilting templates for you to use after the quilt is pieced. 
Both these books are softback too - the first has 138 pages the second 44.

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