Monday 2 February 2015

SOLD Save £100! Les Belles de Mai - 2 Centuries of Marseille Fashion 18-19C * £37 €55 $90 Including Shipping (Australia / New Zealand $95)

Amazon has this book listed for £134 and as many Euros..... but you shouldn't have to pay that much - even for this fabulous book. Let me tell you about it.
Known as la Porte de l'Orient, Marseille was the main European entrepôt for painted calicoes and chintzes coming from the East via the Levant and the Mediterranean. From there cargoes of gorgeous stuffs made their way northwards up the Rhône river as far north as Beaucaire where the great fairs were held and the fabrics were sold and bought and transported to the furthest reaches of Europe.
Such was the love and sheer demand for these vibrant, coloured cloths and items of clothing that for a while governments tried to ban their import and their wearing - all without much success. The ladies would have their way! 
This book magnificently illustrates these jewel-like cloths and relates their history.
The book also includes a section on museum conservation. I must tell you that the book is in French, is hefty with 180 full coloured pages (except for old engraving reproductions). It is in pristine condition.

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