Wednesday 11 February 2015

SOLD 5 Needlepoint Books * £12 €25 $60 Shipping Included

5 lovely books - all in very good condition - brimming with needlepoint projects.
Beth Russell, like Elizabeth Bradley, is a well known canvas work designer, and for the projects in this book she has gone to the fount of design - that of William Morris - these are stunning designs!
I love Berlin Woolwork - particularly those designs seen on hand-painted charts of the 1840s onwards.
Kathryn Brennand has taken those original hand-washes, many featured in this book, and created charming colour variants for you to try as you can see in the sample spread above.
Moving from Victoriana to modern, In Splendid Detail explores modern takes on traditional themes
Not all of the designs are for cushions!
Have you visited Charleston yet? It is one of our favourite walking routes - from Firle over the top of the South Downs and back to Charleston Farmhouse in time for tea - and a look round the house and the adjoining shop for a boost of design therapy.
This last book is possibly the first needlepoint book I bought many years ago when I had to give talks at seminars and conferences all over Europe.
This book came with me and my canvas and wools so that I could Penelope-like, with good excuse, avoid invitations to the bar of an evening when away from my own dear darling!

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