Tuesday 24 February 2015

SOLD 2 Boutis Charts Excellent Condition * £6 €12 $25 Shipping Included

Boutis - a form of quilting popular in the Mediterranean since early times - has been used to make entire quilts, wall hangings and warm skirts to defend against the icy Mistral blowing down the Rhone Valley from the Alpes. These patterns are for making two delightful small panels that can be framed.
Boutis is pretty straight forward - you take two cloths, tack one on the top of the other, trace out the design on the top cloth and then stitch around the design through both cloths. Then you introduce the padding - this is cotton wadding thread - and you pull it through the channels with the aid of a bodkin. Quite simple really and easier to manage than a 3 layer quilt - but oh, so pretty! Impress yourself!

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