Thursday 19 February 2015

Gamle Amagerdragter (Old Amager Traditional Costume) + FREE £10 Amager Panel Chart * £25 €35 $60 Shipping Included (New Zealand or Australia $65)

Love has much to answer for: Not least the invitation to Dutch families to settle and farm near the royal Danish summer residence on the Isle of Amager.
It was the love between the Danish crown prince, later Christian II, and Dyveke, a Dutch exile, which led in the 1520s to the self governing community of 24 Dutch families establishing themselves on Danish soil, bringing their agricultural and dairying skills with them - and their costume.
This near pristine book of 1952 is in its own special slip case and has 35 pages of history - in Danish - please note! and 12 pages of colour illustration. It is beautifully saddle-stitched and printed on lovely papers. A very rare and historic book.
And as a FREE gift this book comes with a chart for the astonishing Amager Panel of 1799
These are the fantastical and distinctive patterns worked by the Amager dames you see in the book above. Worked in blue or black in cross or flecht stitch. Sometimes white on white, sometimes as knitting - using raised moss on purl to create the pattern.
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