Tuesday, 10 February 2015

SOLD 3 Knitting Books * £13 €30 $70 Shipping Included

A lovely hardbacked full size book in excellent  condition with 200 pages, Alice Stanmore give you a comprehensive history of Fair Isle knitting
together with a comprehensive pattern directory
and around a dozen projects for you to knit yourself.
One of my favourite books, this little softback in good condition recounts the fascinating history of the knitters of the Yorkshire Dales.
Knitting was an habitual occupation for everyone, with communal knitting gatherings turn by turn at each other's fires in the evening - and no other light... knitting songs to ease the work and provide pattern reminders
since this was an important source of income for everyone.
Dales' museums have examples of these gloves worked with the owner's name
together with wonderful examples of beautifully carved knitting sheaths. How many were betrothal or Valentine's gifts by a girl's intended?
For true devotees of the history of knitting around the world, the Bishop of Leicester's book on the subject is a key resource. He was a keen knitter himself until his death in 2011.
Below you can see images of early UK knitwear

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