Wednesday 4 February 2015

SOLD SAVE £40 €80! Broderies Marocaines * £40 €60 $130 Shipping Included

This truly spectacular French language hard back, large format book in pristine condition in a protective cover has nearly two hundred pages of breath-taking embroidery and history. It is priced at £82.50 and €139 on Amazon.
This image makes me think of the 16th and 17th European girls who would embroider together on a single piece. Over forty years ago I spent time in a remote hill village in the Rif mountains where I was taught to spin and weave and the memory of the conviviality of collaborative working has always remained with me. Of course, even the smallest child was more adept than me
they had been given active work for their hands since an early age and had not been captive in a classroom learning from blackboards or books. I was in awe of their skills. It's important to have the academic skills we value so highly - but so much more is achieved if we can incorporate physical and practical knowledge and wisdom also.
This book is filled with traditional patterns - some freeform and glorious
others using counted thread techniques, which we are so much accustomed to on samplers.

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