Thursday 26 February 2015

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I have spent the last 6 Wednesdays mesmerized by the TV adaptation of Wolf Hall. It was lovely to be reminded of Montacute House, home of the Goodhart Samplers, but I was also thrilled to see another of my favourite stately homes, Penshurst Place was used as a location. This is the fabulous home of Sir Philip Sydney
who was one of the most prominent courtiers of the Elizabethan Age
Penshurst Place is near to Tonbridge Wells and is not to be missed if you are visiting this lovely part of England
This large format guide book of 72 colour pages is in excellent condition.
Holyrood House in Scotland was famously home to Mary Queen of Scots
Mary was resident here for 6 years and you can see her chambers including her bedchamber and that of the ill-fated Darnley.
It was Darnley's mother, the Countess of Lennox, who commissioned the fabulous heart-shaped, so-called Darley jewel who had great expectations of her grandson, Mary and Darley's child. And indeed her grandson succeeded to 2 thrones - that of Scotland as James VI and of England as James I. This guide is large format 64 pages in very good condition.
With the exception now of Buckingham Palace, London's Kensington Palace is one of the most visited.
There are many textiles to enjoy there - some belonging to another ill-fated royal, Dianna Princess of Wales.
This, too, is a large format colour guide of 56 pages in excellent condition.

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