Wednesday 18 June 2014

SOLD Sweet Bags * £20 €35 $60 Including Shipping (Australia or New Zealand $75)

Jacqui Carey is well-known for her studies of Elizabethan embroidery and this is another super book from her.
This is a 140 page softback book in pristine condition which gives the history of sweet bags.
Alongside some wonderful original exemplars, Jacqui gives full instructions for how to make you own using closely analysed stitch techniques, all beautifully and clearly illustrated for you to follow
There is a discussion of design
Details and illustrations for making your own tassels and braids
My prime reason for purchasing this book was for the stitch analyses - no-one has documented Elizabethan stitches as expertly as Jacqui.


  1. I was fortunate enough to go on a Jacqui Carey class and she was wonderful. She says that she is not an embroiderer, but her sweet bag is absolutely stunning and all stitched by her.