Tuesday 17 June 2014

BOTH SOLD Betty Ring Girlhood Embroidery Volume I * £65 €100 $150 (Remote locations may be subject to £10 shipping surchage)

Volume I only. What can I say about this book? It is the fairy godmother of all sampler books - 280 pages, over 620 images of which nearly 400 in full colour.
Betty Ring's tour de force of US samplers will never be surpassed, it is the definite book for any enthusiast.
This is the first book of two volumes. I have both and am selling them separately to ease the budget of any purchaser. If you would like both volumes then I am happy to reserve the second volume until next month for you, if that will help. Just mention this in your email to me.
This book is in excellent condition with just the slightest crinkle to the book jacket at the top of the spine where it has been reached out of the shelf.
If you would like this item and can pay via PayPal simply click on the flying angel below. The price includes UPS or airmail shipping to wherever you are. But if you are in a remote place (as classified by our courier) in Canada, the USA, Australia or New Zealand then there will be a £10 shipping surcharge.

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