Wednesday 11 June 2014

SOLD Fine Lines(3) x 4 * £10 €15 $27 Including Shipping ($30 Australia or New Zealand)

The dates for this impeccable set of Fine Lines are: Summer 1997, Fall 1997, Winter 1998, Spring 1998. The four numbers together contain a project for a rather wonderful tea-cosy which you can see on the cover of the final number below.
Inside this number is a chart for the Colonial cushion plus an article on Elizabeth Creedon.
This number has a chart for the ship sampler
plus additional stitching projects from The Scarlet Letter's Marsha Van Valin and an article on Lehigh Valley's Moravian or Bohemian needlework.
This number continues the tea-cosy project
and has articles about the Cushing House Museum and American crewelwork
And here is the rather wonderful tea-cosy that was promised together with a chart for some fetching strawberry emeries.

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