Tuesday 24 June 2014

SOLD Quaker School Girl Samplers From Ackworth * £35 €50 $110 Including Shipping (New Zealand and Australia $120)

Some of you have asked if I can get repeat copies of books which have been sold here. I am so sorry some of you have been disappointed, but I have only single copies since these books are coming from my personal library - they are mostly books I have collected over the years. You may think it odd that I only have one copy of this book since I produced it... but the truth is the production run was donated to Ackworth School, so I don't have a warehouse of them somewhere.
This was the first Needleprint publication (2006) and it has a special place in my heart not so much for the working, which as a first book was a bit fraught to say the least, but because of all the wonderful people I met as a consequence.
Although it's impossible to keep in touch all the time, the memories of Ackworth2006 and Ackworth2008 are perennial in my heart. Everyone was so kind to each other - it was as if Ackworth School wove a special web of friendship that has become so strong and enduring over the years.
So, many thanks, dear Ackworth for all the opportunities - and for all the samplers! Here you can glimpse just some of them.
There are medallion, darning pattern, alphabet, text and other types of samplers and needlework - not forgetting knitted silk pinballs - and not just from Ackworth, but from other Quaker sources. There are stories of the girls' lives as scholars at the school and as women beyond. I loved these old exercise books, which you can see below, that have been preserved in the archive for almost 200 years.
And, like all Needleprint books, there is a chart inside the folded book jacket. The chart is for the sampler below and was kindly made by Katie Trendell of an Elne of Lynnyn.


  1. Toujours une telle emotion de venir vous lire,tous ces beaux livres,j'en suis emerveillée.
    Bien dommage que celui çi ne soit plus édité.

  2. Both Ackworth's were truly special. Hard to believe they were that long ago. And I love all the needleprint books but this one is probably my favourite because of the time spent at Ackworth and walking the corridors that the scholars did.