Saturday 28 June 2014

SOLD 3 Books * English Embroideries + Point of the Needle + Primer of New England Embroidery * £15 €25 $60 Shipping Included

There are 3 wonderful books for you here. Even if you are not planning to visit the Micheal and Elizabeth Feller Collection at the Ashmolean this summer curated by Mary M Brooks, you will enjoy her guide book to the Early English embroideries in the Ashmolean.
This is a classic book authored by one of the pre-eminent British textile historians covering items from a superb collection. The 96 page, well-illustrated book is in pristine condition.
And there is the fabulous book by the wonderful Dorothy Bromiley Phelan, another of Needleprint's celebrated authors.
Dorothy has a real love of samplers and it shows beautifully in her excellent descriptions of these fabulous needle-worked items.
This is also a 96 page full colour book in excellent condition.

And, just to round off a trio of lovely books is this book from Old Stourbridge Village, Massachusetts.
This 76 page softback is dedicated to teachin you the elements of 17th and 18th century crewel needlework as practised by the ladies of New England
This book also is softback and the condition is a little less than perfect but still very good.

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