Tuesday 24 June 2014

SOLD Medieval Craftsmen : Embroiderers * £7 €11 $25 Including Shipping (Australia and New Zealand $30)

Talking of overlooked books, this corker of a book on medieval embroidery is often taken by its cover for a book intended for children. And it so isn't! This is a book for serious scholars and enthusiasts. But talking of the cover, at first glance, I took these workers for tapestry makers until I looked closely and saw that the ground fabric had both weft and woof already in place. But consider the technique required by this work set-up.
The main reason for buying this book apart from the text, was for the images of just about all the known medieval copes, including the Bologna Cope (above).
One of my favourite medieval pieces - after copes - is the famous Tristan Quilt, a portion of which is now on display in the V&A in London.
This book has many images on all its pages, some in black and white and some in colour.
This is a softback book with 72 pages and is in near mint condition.

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