Monday 23 June 2014

SOLD Nancie Goodhart Signed Copy of The Goodhart Samplers * £50 €75 $170

11 December 2008 was a very special date. It was then that a few friends gathered together with Nancie Goodhart at Montacute House to celebrate the gift of the Goodhart Samplers to the National Trust and also to launch the book of the Goodhart Samplers.
There are only about 25 copies of this book signed by Nancie Goodhart, the widow of the collector, Doctor Douglas Goodhart.
Good friends gathered together that memorable day and together they brought out of store for special viewing the jewels of the Goodhart collection - without those special good friends and the kind assistance of Jenny Fox throughout the project, much would not have been achieved.
Like all projects, it had its up and downs, but Eva Lotta Hansen and Dorothy Bromiley Phelan proved their professionalism and dedication throughout and produced wonderful descriptions and insights concerning these fabulous cloths.
If you haven't already seen this book, here are just a few of the fabulous pages for you to enjoy.
There are over 260 full colour pages of the samplers
all with detail images so you can see examples of the stitching close-up
This is such a special copy and has been kept very safely. It is in totally mint condition.

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