Wednesday 11 June 2014

SOLD Assisi Embroidery * £15 €25 $55 Shipping Included ($60 Australia and New Zealand)

Another brilliant book by Eva Maria Leszner, this compilation of lovely Assisi designs is meticulously presented with very clear charts.
I read one review of this book in which the reviewer said she was disappointed because there was no colour chart given for the patterns, and I had to scratch my head and wonder at this. Apart from an inner outline in black, then all that is required is to choose one other nice coloured thread - a favourite colour, something to match the curtains or wallpaper, or a nice indigo or brick-coloured thread...
Assisi embroidery predates the revived embroidery of Assisi and can be seen on many Renaissance paintings of the last supper, or the supper at Emmaus, wherever table-linen is on show.
This is a hard-backed book of 98 pages and is internally in pristine condition, the jacket is complete and without tears but is faded along the spine.

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