Saturday 7 June 2014

SOLD Kreuzstich Historische Mustertücher * £30 €45 $80 Shipping Included (Australia / New Zealand $85)

This is a folio of 7 historical charted patterns for samplers in a cardboard wallet, together with a coloured catalogue of the samplers, their history and symbolism. The text is in German.
The samplers charts are clearly printed and easy to read - although this item is nearly 20 years old, it is in a pristine state.
So here you can see the samplers for which there are charts. This first is a beauty from Nurenburg and is dated 1683 - it is interesting to see those striking blooms worked around the edges of the sampler.
The second sampler is also from Nuremburg, but later - dated 1708. Here the sampler displays horizontal banding of motifs and you will notice a commonality of some motifs between these two samplers, such as the peacock and the Imperial lily.
This sampler from Brunn dated 1828 is from the north of Germany, by the Baltic and between Hamburg and the border with Poland, but it has a  Danish feel about its motifs and decorum.
This sampler from Altes Land, near Hamburg, has a delightful Adam and Eve, initialled, so there is no mistaking them!
Sampler 5 is from Hamburg, dated 1849, also with Adam and Eve.
From the far north of Germany we move to the south, to Bavaria, for this Biedermeier alphabet sampler of 1852.  The seventh sampler below is from Baden-Baden around 1880 and is very typical of the samplers worked in schools at that time.

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