Saturday 14 June 2014

SOLD Blackwork Embroidery: My Methods & Techniques Revisted - Jack Robinson * £27 €40 $70 Shipping Included (New Zealand or Australia $80)

Jack Robinson is another of those wonderful male proponents of blackwork that Britain (he is from Lancashire) seems so good at producing. He enjoys quasi-legendary status amongst stitching circles here. Sadly his books are very difficult to get hold of these days. 
This is a very difficult to show because the interesting parts are mainly text where Jack passes on numerous helpful tips and wrinkles for managing tension and thread-splitting. He has some very helpful things to say about thread choices.
Jack spends some time discussing the ups and downs of making an embroidered casket.
He covers aspects of design
and last but not least provides 17 packed pages of diaper designs for you to use. This is a spiral bound book and is in excellent condition.

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