Tuesday 24 June 2014

SOLD Handwerken Zonder Grenzen 2003 * £8 €12 $32 *Shipping Included (New Zealand or Australia $40)

This 80 page number of HZG contains a multitude of historical stitching delights and projects. The text is in Dutch and the magazine is in pristine condition
One reason why I bought this particular number was because of this amazing Swiss knotted sampler. I had seen a similar one in the collection of Mariette Verheggen and was very interested to learn more of the background to these special works.
Was there some special reason for having a raised surface sampler? The nearest technique I know is candlewicking, where the thick thread helps add weight and warmth to the cloth.
But these patterns look very much like borders for cuffs and sleeves.
Here you can see the technique of making the raised knots is diagrammatically explained for you to copy, together with a pattern for you to work.
there is also an article on Hebedo
and another lovely pattern for you to try.
And here is yet another gem of an article on embroidered slips
with a lovely example to be worked
And right at the end, when you feel as though you have had rich pudding enough, is this gem - a miniature sampler which could be worked finely on gauze - or at any count you feel comfortable with on linen instead. Books don't get better than this particular magazine!

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