Saturday 28 June 2014

SOLD Catalogue of Embroideries + Full Colour Exhibition Guide Lady Lever Art Gallery * £20 €38 $90 Including Shipping (New Zealand & Australia $100)

Some years ago the Lady Lever Art Gallery had a display of early needlework and I was lucky to be there and to have bought an exhibition guide in addition to the catalogue of the complete embroideries.
This is a lovely softback guide of 16 pages in mint condition.
The catalogue itself is a rather heftier affair (to explain the more expensive overseas shipping) with over 300 pages. This copy is paperback and is in excellent condition.
The catalogue covers all forms of needlework and is richly illustrated in colour and in black and white. So you will enjoy needleworked gloves
stump work panels
and decorative Stuart silk-work pictures
not forgetting samplers!
The piece above I just had to show you - it is one of my favourite panels.
And then there are fabulous Stuart panels. Some time ago I saw the film Argo and spotted this antique Persian mirror in the background to one scene - the shape is a dead ringer for the Stuart mirror above.....I wonder.....??

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