Wednesday 11 June 2014

SOLD Fine Lines (1) x 4 * £10 €15 $27 Including Shipping ($30 Australia or New Zealand)

Fine Lines was a great stitching magazine published in the late 90s and ealy 2000s by the Historic Needlework Guild in the USA. This is a set of 4 pristine copies: Summer 1996, Fall 1996, Winter 1997, Spring 1997 Includes a full four part project for the bell pull you can see on the front cover above. Equally the design would make a lovely roll-up huswif.
Inside this issue is an interview with the then Marsha Van Valin of The Scarlet Letter plus a mini Scarlet Letter Sampler and other articles of historic interest.
The bell pull project is continued in this issue together with full stitching instructions for the thimble purse you can see above.
There is also an article about Sulgrave Manor and its historic textiles.
There is a pattern for the sampler you see on the cover.
The bell pull project continues and there is an article on the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
Last of the set features stitching for the projects above, finishing the bell pull and an article on tassel-making.

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