Friday 6 June 2014

SOLD Save £14 * Connecticut Needlework * £50 €75 $120 Shipping Included (New Zealand / Australia $135)

This is another huge work of needlework research - just larger than my scanner and more than 200 pages of delight.
All the items are in the Connecticut Historical Society - and, although there are many samplers, I wanted to show you that other needlework is also represented and discussed in these pages such as this early pillow or panel for a sweet bag.
Lovely New England embroidered stomachers and flame stitched wallets.
Needleworked pictures also play a prominent role in the collection as you can see from the examples below.
When I first saw this embroidered interior it knocked me sideways - I have never seen the like before or since.
So here are examples of the many samplers - some very sophisticated like the one below
right through to very simple charming miniatures. The book is paperback and is in totally pristine condition. Also included is an 8 page exhibition catalogue of the collection.

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