Wednesday 11 June 2014

SOLD English & Other Needlework in the Untermeyer Collection * £40 €65 $120 Shipping Included (Australia / New Zealand $140)

A book for the connoisseur, this is another prodigious and heavy work - a catalogue of needlework in the Judge Untermeyer Collection published in 1960. The majority of works are from the 1600s.
The book is in good condition with a protective jacket (not shown). There are 182 plates in the book, many featuring more than one item.
Because this is a fairly old publication not all the plates are in colour but I would hazard that around half of them are.
The needlework illustrated is fabulous - here is a selection to give you a flavour of this important book.
And it is a landmark book, since it fills out considerably the body of needlework existing from this time. So with the Feller Collection Volume I and this, you will be able to develop an excellent understanding and knowledge of needleworked items from this period.
In addition to the plates there are 80 pages of historical background.
And yes, the book does include some samplers - and also some caskets.

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