Friday 20 June 2014

Rhode Island School of Design - Collection On-Line

You have asked what I'm doing with myself these days - and enquired about my plans for the future. Actually for the first time in 10 years it's rather nice not to have any future plans - or deadlines! I don't know why it is but I feel like a naughty child admitting this. However, I am involved with a very exciting project to get a Free University of the Arts up and running for all those young people who cannot afford the £10,000 a year fees and living costs to join regular courses. The project is starting in London and is making use of all the existing free access to art there - museums, galleries, concerts. Professors and teachers have been signed up to donate shards of their time, and places that can provide suitable lecture venues have also offered places.
There is just so much cultural richness all around us that has free access or minimal charges. I am always amazed where some of these wonderful items are held. For instance, I have just discovered that the Rhode Island School of Design has a wonderful collection that includes some stunning embroidered pieces.
You can also see their collection on-line. Just click here for the link, then choose to search the collection and enter Embroidered in the search box, next tick the box below for Objects and click Go.

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