Wednesday, 16 July 2014

SOLD The Sampler Book * £12 €20 $50 Including Shipping (Except Australia/ New Zealand - $55)

OK so first let me talk about the kangaroo in the room - for some time we have been able to price items for Australia and New Zealand the same as for the USA and take up the little extra shipping costs ourselves. However, Australia and New Zealand are now classed as remote areas with our shippers and quite steep surcharges are being applied which we can't pick up this time. So my apologies to friends in the Antipodes, I just wish you were as near at hand as you are in heart.
Irmgard Gierl is one of my heroines - she did so much to chart and document samplers that if there were ever a medal for those who furthered the study of samplers, then she would rank amongst the first to receive it.
As you can see by the slightly wonky scans - this book is larger than my scanner and so I can't get you full pictures for some of the pages without intricate stitching.
If you ever wonder how we managed to image some of the long samplers in the Micheal and Elizabeth Feller Collection it was by taking photographs of sections and by my spending quite some time stitching those sections together and making sure everything matched seamlessly. Yes, I know Photoshop is whizz, but it doesn't do this matching automatically yet...
So let me tell you something about this book instead of rattling on about the past... This book has around 30 full colour sampler pages with details such as the Vierlanden sampler above (not all Vierlanden samplers were covered in medallions, by the way), the images are followed by over 40 pages of charted patterns lie the one below. The book is in good clean condition and is hardbacked.

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