Thursday, 17 July 2014

SOLD Samplers - How To Compare and Value * £13 €20 $55 Including Shipping (Australia and New Zealand $60)

This is a full sized hardback book of 176 profusely illustrated pages in pristine condition and is a valuable addition for your reference shelf.
You might remember the authors, Stephen and Carol Huber, as being the people who catalogued Betty Ring's samplers for sale the other year. They are sampler dealers and experts and it is always good to learn from experts - particularly how to appraise samplers.
The authors document samplers from a number of historical sources with step by step examination of detail and salient points.
It is hard to look at the page on Ackworth Samplers without remembering the 3 Quaker samplers I bought at auctions and gifted to the school - those were probably the most nerve-racking experiences of my life - with the exception of giving birth!
There are samplers from many places and the authors being from the US, samplers from the USA are well-represented.
And I am glad to see some wonderful Frisian and German samplers included also.

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