Sunday, 6 July 2014

Allez Alleluia

If you happen to hovering in a helicopter - or more pleasantly - in a balloon over York today, you will see this curious poster that the Archbishop, Dr John Sentamu, has hoisted on a tower of the famous minster.
If you hover in, this is what it reads. It is of course the weekend of le Tour with all les bicyclettes of les equips racing across le Yorkshire Dales. Even the pubs have changed their names for the duration to their French equivalent. If you were watching I hope you looked out for the needlework bunting. VIPs in Leeds sported le yellow jersey...
Some of you may remember this lady from your overnight stays in York.
Even the sheep dressed for the occasion. But Le Tour is really just a part of all the sport we are celebrating this weekend. Yesterday and today are the finals at Wimbledon - with lashings of strawberries and cream; today there is the Bristish Grand Prix for Formula 1 motor racing, and of course the World Cup goes on (sadly without team GB) but we are cheering the Netherlands today! And we find time to go for a walk this morning!

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