Saturday, 19 July 2014

SOLD Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly 2012/1999 * 4 Magazines * £15 €25 $50 Shipping Included (Australia and New Zealand $55)

Last set this week. This set comprise a rogue 1999 Winter number with 3 issues for 2012 - Winter Spring and Fall.
These magazines of around 50 pages are each great sources of inspiration even if you don't have time to stitch all the samplers and other projects they contain.
Issued every three months, I used to feel that there was enough content in each to last me three whole months, if not longer sometimes.
It really is a fabulous magazine and long may it continue!
As ever there are beautiful large samplers to stitch
plus no end of small projects like these gift stockings.
The sampler patterns are usually accompanied by historical background notes, all carefully researched and edited.
Samplers are drawn from far and wide and are not limited to simply US or UK examples.
I seemed to have picked on a lot of samplers to represent this set
but there are other articles on needlework tools and aspects of stitching history as always. Oh - dear Mr Bumble.... would dearly love to have!

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