Thursday, 17 July 2014

SOLD Initial & Monogram * £27 €40 $85 Including Shipping (Australia & New Zealand $90)

Probably one of the most beautiful needlework books ever produced - with superb photography - is this 85 page softback from Japan with Japanese text. This copy is in pristine condition.
The book documents initials and monograms in all their diverse forms and provenances.
The collections used to illustrate the book are fabulous to see
the trouble our mothers and grandmothers took to make their home cared-for and homely make me want to weep sometimes
 - they filled our lives with so much simple beauty on table and bed linen.
And the book is so much more than the photographs
there are project pages - in Japanese - but well diagrammed that they are easy to follow without language - and many charts for initials and monograms. This book will bring hours and hours of unspeakable pleasure.

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