Friday, 25 July 2014

SOLD 1930/1932 2 Volumes Stitching and Costume from Amager * £55 €80 $150 Shipping Included (Australia Newzealand $160)

This is the complete work by Elna Mygdal in 2 volumes - often you only see the first volume of costumes and not the second treasure packed volume of stitching from Danish Amager. Volume 1 is from 1930 and volume 2 from 1932. These are softbacks - the folios are beautifully and soundly saddle-stitched, but the covers are now loose, Internally the volumes are in good clean condition.
The treasure of the second volume is 100 pages of well-photographed Amager panels such as you can see here in cross-stitch and whitework. 
With permission one of the panels was used for the Needleprint Amager Panel 1797 and I expect permission would be forthcoming upon request to use other panels for reproduction.
This is stunning design with a whole wealth of interesting cultural history to be explored. The stitchers of Amager came from the Netherlands in the 16th century and were still Dutch speaking in their church in Amager in the mid 1800s.
The book has Danish text.
And I have been privileged to have been its custodian for the last 10 years.
Here you can see some images from the first volume on costume which include photographs
and historic drawings.
This is a very rare treasure....

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