Friday, 18 July 2014

SOLD Circa 1900 Album de Broderies au Point de Croix (Parts 1 & 2) * £25 €38 $90 Shipping Included (New Zealand and Australia $100)

Let's talk about the elephant in the room first. The binding on this antique book is not good. The binding itself was probably not too bad until someone decided to 'repair' it with cellotape. Drat their ignorance - cellotape (Scotch tape - but why insult the Scots?  I know they want independence - but I forgive them and have great respect for their ancient nation) cellotape and books should never, ever come into contact with each. If you are wanting to repair a book just email me.
But you could make a nice linen cover for this book with some suitable embroidery - taken from the patterns inside and you would have a fabulous, if old, volume.
Bound together are two volumes - one of 32 plates and the other of 40 and here you can see what rich delights you find on each page.
The plates teem with the most amazing borders and motifs for cross stitch as well as back stitch.
These patterns were compiled by Therese de Dillmont from old embroidered items and from pattern books she knew.
If you like stitching biscornus then there are lots of designs to keep you going for some time.
And there are two pages of crowns and coronets - I am not sure why, but you will be prepared for all eventualities of visitors, never fear! So, I'm sorry about the state of the book, it is as I found it, but it is still a very collectible item. And you won't dream of using cellotape on books, will you? Promise? Winking smile

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