Saturday, 5 July 2014

SOLD La Broderie Blanche * £15 €27 $70 Shipping Included

This is a 122 page softback in new condition. I should state from the outset that the text is in French. However, the technique illustrations are so clear, that English or other language speakers should not find that a problem.
Each country has its own tradition of open work linen embroidery, it was often the most accessible way for women of the middle classes to emulate more expensive lace items.
This book is replete with lovely projects, all achievable.
There is nothing so satisfying as achieving your first white-work project and once started, you will never want to stop!
One of my favourite white-work techniques is Casalguidi - from Tuscany in Italy - which incorporates raised elements in its decoration.
Below you can see an example page of instructions and judge how comprehensive and clear they are.

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