Tuesday, 15 July 2014

SOLD Over Merklappen Gesproken (Talking About Samplers) * £35 €50 $110 Including Shipping (Australia & New Zealand $120)

The elephant in the room is that this wonderful, near-pristine, hard backed book of 270 pages has a Dutch text. I just want to say that Dutch is such a lovely language to learn....
This is a classic Dutch book on samplers by the Doyenne of Dutch samplers Bix Schipper-van Lottum, now sadly missed since her death in 2009 aged 82.
There are over 200 marvellous colour and monochrome  illustrations of jewel-like samplers from the Low Countries in this text-rich book.
I wonder if the staircase of life which can be seen at the base of this sampler appears on samplers that are not Dutch?
The book contains charted excerpts and relates antique pattern books to the motifs on samplers.
How wonderful is this image from the end of the 14th century of the Virgin presenting her sampler.

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