Monday, 28 July 2014

SOLD Rouyer's Most Beautiful Old Motifs and Alphabets * £40 €60 $130 Shipping Included (Australia & New Zealand $140)

Maison Rouyer was very much like Sajou. Famous for its embroidery leporelli - those delightful little concertina pattern books. This book brings together the charts of Rouyer's best designs for you to use.
In new condition, this French-language hardback has 158 pages, which are full of decorative alphabets of all types and sizes for you to use on your special projects
many of these can be stitched just as they are, like samplers, and perhaps made into a stitched pattern book.
Thee are some polychrome designs, so not all monochrome
and many little ditsy motifs
borders and friezes.

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