Saturday, 12 July 2014

SOLD Interwoven Globe: The Worldwide Textile Trade, 1500–1800 * £25 €37 $100 Including Shipping (Australia & New Zealand $110)

Published in late 2013 at £39.95, this fantastic book is in brand new condition with 300 profusely and gorgeously illustrated pages describing trade textiles in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum.
Every student of embroidery and textiles needs to have a good knowledge of world-wide contexts to avoid making sorry mistakes when assessing and describing items.
It is impossible to choose representative images from this book because there are so many and from many sources.
Instead, I thought a run through of the essays included along with the catalogue would be helpful to you, so you can see the quality of the images, which is of the highest standard.
And, I hope these clips from books that I have been showing over the weeks will help you see inside some of the books you might be entertaining for purchase, so you can better decide whether they are really for you or not.
World trade and expanding markets, together with the fusion of resulting artistic styles has always been a passion for me.
And it is always a delight to go museums and see what maybe described as local artefacts and try to pinpoint how many elements in manufacture and design are not local at all.
There is considerable Middle Eastern influence that spreads through all European embroideries - our taste for the exotic never seems to abate.
What better representation of that than the English country-house chintz and crewel work - seemingly the epitome of Le Style Anglais!

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