Tuesday, 8 July 2014

SOLD La Broderie au Point de Croix * £20 €30 $90 Shipping Included (Australia & New Zealand $100)

This is the lovely hardback edition with jacket from 2006. The book and jacket are in excellent condition. The 160 pages of text and beautiful images - a staggering feast of inspiration - are in French
The book is a celebration of all things cross stitched including old English, French and Dutch samplers.
It includes a history of marking and of the dyes used for the threads - as well as the threads themselves.
There are images of girls stitching in schools and with their families from photographs and from art work of the time.
For the main part the book is a celebration of the work of new designers and their creations - this for me was the major interest and inspiration.
Many of the designers featured are famous, though others, including men, are probably less well known to you.
You have probably read my rave about this Christian Lacroix wedding dress before - how wonderful to have a cross-stitched wedding gown. There is also a similar design for a child's Christening robe.
Sajou and DMC figure large as is to be expected.

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