Friday, 25 July 2014

SOLD Embroidery Motifs From Dutch Samplers * £20 €30 $75 Shipping Included (New Zealand and Australia $80)

This is a classic English Language book of 1984, hardback with around 200 pages in very good condition and intact jacket. The book includes a charted pattern for the sampler you see on the cover.
All the motifs charted in this book are taken from historical samplers and references for each are helpfully given.
Interspersed amongst the motifs are images of samplers, some in colour and some in black and white.
Some of the sampler images spread across both pages so are quite clear to see.
The images are divided into easy to reference sections - below you can see the start of the section on houses. I love this typical gabled Dutch house.
I also think the Tree of Life motifs are nothing short of fabulous and can stitch them until the cows come home.
Not to forget the ships which are another all time favourite motif of mine!

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