Friday, 18 July 2014

SOLD 5 Cross Stitch Guild Magazines * £10 €15 $45 Shipping Included (New Zealand and Australia $50)

Jane Greenoff is our very own British cross-stitch treasure. Creator of many delightful pattern books, she was responsible for setting up the Cross Stitch Guild with the motto: Together We Count!
This is a set of 5 past CSG magazines from about 2009/2010 in case you haven't got them. They come with membership, so it is really worth joining the guild for the delightful free patterns you will receive. Click on any image to learn more. In this set you will find a pull out pattern and comprehensive making up details for the fabulous etui above.
Some other delights in this set include a full size spot sampler
numerous quick and easy mini-projects
The mini-band sampler below makes a sweet pocket for needlework necessities
and there's another full size sampler....
... a stitched booklet
.. a classic Welcome design
and this Hardanger decorated tin. Lots to enjoy - along with other articles of stitching interest.

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