Monday, 14 July 2014

SOLD Labors of Love - America's Textiles and Needlework 1650-1930 * £20 €40 $90 Including Shipping (Australia & New Zealand $100)

Published in 1987, this excellent hard backed volume of 280 pages is in virtually new condition.
The book documents all aspects of hand made items in America - some may have been brought to America by overseas European immigrants like the weaving pattern sampler seen above.
There are simple Amish quilts and colourful Baltimore Beauties such as the ones above.
I am particularly fond of coverlet designs and this book has some lovely examples.
Many of you will recognize these towels from Pennsylvania - fabulous!
And there are pockets and husifs - not forgetting samplers.
There are interesting studies of native American needlecrafts from North as well as South America.

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