Sunday 28 June 2009

The Verheggen-Penders Collection

It is not that often that samplers in a private collection see the light of day, let alone the gleam in the eye of sampler lovers. The Verheggen-Penders collection situated in the Limburger province of the Netherlands is one such wonderful collection. Mariette and Har's collection boasts over 200 examples of the sampler maker's art - from early Rococco cloths to schoolgirl Pronkrollen, from spectacular Vierlander and Groninger black samplers to a delightful set of four English polychrome samplers from the same school. Of particular interest is an early, rare French sampler and wonderful examples from the Dutch Island of Marken, home of the famous Vernaaide Linten. The collection is available on 2 CD Roms and you can see detail up close with a special built in loupe facility. The CDs also include charts for the English samplers, one of which are shown above) as well as other excerpts from the collection. To find out more just click here.


  1. How beautiful! What a wonderful way to see such a great collection of gorgeous samplers.

  2. Beautiful site, I couldn't find a link for the CDs so sent a note to the contact e-mail address to ask if they are available for purchase.