Wednesday 24 June 2009

Jacqueline of the French SAL and posterity

I hope that you are proud of your work in progress and rightly so - this is not some little whimsy or trivial piece you have embarked upon, this is something very special which you have truly made your own. While you are stitching, think about composing a 2 page biography of yourself to go with your finished sampler. Most of you have already taken pictures of your sampler in progress and places where you are stitching your sampler. Put these together with your biography and attach it to the back of the frame of your sampler when it is finished. Posterity will want to know more about you than you think!


  1. You know, that is exactly what I was planning to do, and to include all the info you have posted about Mary Wigham as well. What a lovely way to honour her. Towards the end of the SAL, it would be great to have some stats on downloads etc, to get an idea of how many people are possibly stitching her today (as in 2009), plus I'm going to take note of all the countries stitching her too.

  2. That's a great idea! Think of someone in 500 years with a collection of Mary Wigham samplers. Oh my gosh!! Thanks

  3. Excellent idea! Don't we wish the Ackworth girls would have done the same? :)

  4. This sampler is wonderfull, for now i have no time to do it, but I hope have time in September to start it, until there I do yhe download of the sampler.
    When I start it i will send you pictures.
    Thank you for sharing