Tuesday 2 June 2009

Mary Wigham SAL

I shall set up a section of the sidebar to your right so that you have a permanent link to everything to do with Mary. Tonight I'll load a pdf for you to download with more information about the SAL and about how samplers are charted which I hope will answer your queries of today. Mary Wigham is not straightforward - there are irregularities and a couple of 'ghosts' in there which I found interesting.
I shall also set up a gallery of 'Where I am Stitching' - keep sending me those lovely images coming, I have my suitcase packed and my roller skates on!


  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful sampler. I can't wait to get started.

  2. Jacqueline,
    Thanks so much for the SAL! Can we have the total stitch count so we can start in the right place on our fabrics?

  3. The stitch count is 299 wide and 289 deep. I hope that helps you get started. Can you find your way around the other information OK?

  4. Thanks so much for the prompt response, that's a great help. At 32 stiches/inch, I estimate that at a little under 9-1/2" in each direction. My stash has a lot of linen that is 18" rather than 24", so I wanted to be sure it would be big enough, and that I can place the first stitch to center the work. Now I am ready to start -- I've made a few tweaks in the thread selection, which you may notice in my photos once I get stitching. Thanks again for the SAL, it is always more fun to do things with friends.

  5. waouh sublime , je pense le faire avec mercii

  6. I began stitching and discovered I had estimated the overall size incorrectly -- that is the size if you stitch one thread over one thread...if two over two it is twice as big, or 18-3/4 x 18-1/4 inches. You definitely need all 24 inches of linen!

  7. hello j.
    ich cannot open the gallery from our wonderful stichers.

    is it my mistake? or there are mistakes on your blog?

    my best wihses

  8. How do i join in on the Mary Wigham SAL ?
    I clicked on the usa flag but nothing happens.
    I downloaded and printed parts 1,2,3 and cant wait to start. But want to officaly join in on the sal, so i can post pic and coments as i go. Any help for me please.

    Jeanie B
    Arkansas / USA

  9. Hello Jeannie - Shari says her computer has been up and down all week, so that is perhaps why you have been having problems - here is the address of her blog for you - you can contact Shari there.