Tuesday 16 June 2009

Today I wished for dancing shoes

and my wish came true! Look what flew in - lovely shoes all the way from Toronto courtesy of the curator of the Bata Shoe Museum. There is something so special about these extremely well preserved green silk and embroidered high-heeled Italian shoes which date to the early 1700s. The heels are made of bevel-carved wood covered in deep red Moroccan leather. The placement of the heel is quite close to the instep of the foot and reflects the difficulty shoemakers had in meeting the demand for excessive height. Click on the shoes to see more.
This beautiful pair of embroidered black silk English shoes of 1780-1785 with silver buckles and pink silk covered heels is a very good example of a wedge being inserted under the instep to support weight.
Now click on the shoes for close-ups and a very special experience!
The shoe images are Copyright 2009 of the Bata Shoe Museum Toronto- Forgive me - I added a little touch to them since you made me feel so joyful with all the wonderful Mary Wighams you are stitching.


  1. O my! even the inside is a poem!!! I could do anything to get such a pair of shoes (even if I know very well I don't have Cinderella's feet)! I'm dreaming I could wear them with a pair of slim black jeans!

  2. I've been to that museum! It's a fabulous place to visit!

  3. I am absolutely in love with those shoes. I especially like the embroidery on the pink/black pair. I need to remember that museum for future visit.